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Living the Life of a High Roller (rolling out of bed on the 34th floor!)

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Well, the first time I have ever thought I was going to be in trouble, was on the flight from Washington DC to Las Vegas (LV). It was so rough, my head was rammed in to the window! We were holding onto the seats in front of us. Of course, Jack was on the iPad, and I doubt he even noticed! It was terrifying!
So when the bright lights of the city in the middle of a flat desert were to be seen, I was rather happy! We were met off the plane by Mark, our driver who would drive us to the Bellagio. Jack started to walk out and all you could see was limousines.....then he started...I want to go in a limo, its not fair, i hate my life, blah blah blah. We dutifully followed Mark to the hotel car.......yes! A limousine, and Jack was elated! He was so excited I think at that moment, it was the highlight of his trip! Like royalty, we headed to the Bellagio to check in. They couldn't find our booking, until the sweet lady said, oh, you're a VIP, your check in is in a private area, follow me. Ooooookayyyyyy. VIP? I have no clue what you're on about, but we will follow, however you'll be disappointed when you realise you've made a mistake! off we went. Of course, we were VIPs, and we had been upgraded to a PENTHOUSE suite. A Penthouse, in Vegas, with our travel pants on (ok, they were, by this stage, our fat pants!) and were were staying in a PENTHOUSE........reality hit, WITH A 9 YEAR OLD! hehe
well, you know when you get somewhere, and they are all fancy, and the person showing you to your room explains the features, and you are like, yep, all good, we will be fine......and then they politely excuse themselves and leave, an the moment the door shuts, you look at each other and go WTF? OH my freakin god, this is amazing, and laugh loudly that you're living this life and staying in this place? Yes, well lets just say, while the three of us were running around (yes it was big enough to run around!) screaming at all the features, and the views, and the fact that we were just ordinary people staying in an extraordinary place, that is, until Jack discovered something he'd not seen before, and wanted to know what it was, and how it worked and what happens if you just turn that thing there.........yes, a bidet! hehe

So, given it was AFL Grand Final night (for us) we flipped open the Macbook, logged in, and.........yep, bed was looking pretty good! After pinching ourselves a few more times, we fell asleep!

On the 34th floor of the hotel, you get to see a magnificent view of the fountain (basically the lake out the front does fountain shows to music every 15 mins, or so, and these jets shoot water higher than the hotel (36 floors high) and it is incredible, beautiful and those babies are loud when they're pumping water that high!

Last time I was in LV, was in 2003. I was backpacking and on a severe budget (I had no money!) and so I saw the fountain from the road. That was all I could afford. There was no way I could even afford to walk up the driveway. Being here in totally different circumstances was quite astounding. I definitely took time, on my own, to reflect how my life has changed since those days. To imagine, in 2003, that I would be here, in this moment, sharing this life with an amazing husband and son, would not have ever entered my mind then. How truly lucky I am, to be able to do these things, share the world and its adventures with my two loves. Blessed.

Mick was really excited, until we had to get up at 3.30am to be collected for our Grand Canyon Tour (see next blog entry). Bloody early mornings are killing him. Me not so as I have done a hell of a lot of pre dawn photography excursions and I'm used to it!

Saturday night we ventured out to see the lights, wander the streets, and Mick and I were giggling as I dared him to see how many flick cards (people hand out little cards with ladies pics, cost and numbers on them, if you get my drift!) he could get. Clearly the first few we passed didn't give him any. I suggested we stop holding hands and pretend were weren't together. It worked a charm! haha (He didn't keep any of them, in case you're wondering!)

It is such a lively and busy place. You can't help but smile, especially at the super drunk people, trying to walk in high heels, trying not to fall down.......(that want us by the way, Mick hates wearing heels!)

Our hotel was also beautiful inside, as well as out. They had a whole walk through Halloween display, working water wheel, a talking tree with eyes, pumpkins everywhere. It was so beautiful.

I got a few night shots, day shots, and we shopped and ate. We had worked out that we would get a limo back to the airport too- compliments of the hotel, but decided to tell Jack we were getting cab. A mini tantrum ensued until the guy opened the door to the limo- and he was a 'bro' again and super happy!

Off the the airport for our 6.30am flight to LA to then go to Disneyland. All was well, we had our 4 cases (we had increased by one!) and we waved goodbye to the driver, with his tip. That was until we realised he still had a suitcase in his car. And calling the hotel was useless as their phone lines didn't open until 7am.......grrrrr........lucky the airline called them, he came back, and all was well...........

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