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More Banff....catching up to my current experience!

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Hi all,
Well, I have been very preoccupied with the travelling and taking photos and sucking it all in that I haven't had time to even upload pics to my computer off the memory cards, let alone update the blog.
So, the second full day in Banff saw me head to Vermillion Lakes Drive- a road I'd read about on a photographic blog. The road actually sits almost perfectly beside the freeway- except the speed limit is 30kms instead of a 3 lane highway at a speed limit of 110kph. I headed there about 6.15am....the quiet, the stillness and the solitude is breathtaking. The Rockies is a place I am definitely coming back to........perfection at every turn, a scene like a postcard, and it is so beautiful that Mick called it "scenic drunk" where it just doesn't stop......it is all the time, around every corner, up every mountain, beside every road.
So Vermillion Lakes Drive- not many others- which added to the beauty (the boys, yet again, stayed in bed!)
We then headed up to do the Banff Gondola up the mountain. Let me just say this was in an enclosed Gondola way, way up a very freakin high mountain- VERY HIGH!! So, of course, the boys were told to sit very, very still. And not move an inch. At one point, I just had to close my eyes and dream I was at a Dockers game (hehe). The views at the top didn't disappoint though. The Fairmont Banff (the castle looking place we stayed at) was way below us in the distance. The mountains here are so high, it makes your head spin. A full day again (our days have been exhaustive, not wanting to miss any opportunity and to experience as much as we possibly can) lead to three very tired people and room service to boot! The next morning we are off to Jasper, a whole 233 kms to get "scenic drunk" on.


Again, totally unedited shots....but you get the picture!!!

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Paradise on Earth......Banff

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Well, I've been a bit preoccupied with photography and scenery the last few days!
Monday we caught a ferry to Gibsons, a little place just north of Vancouver. Due to all the tributories it is only accessible via ferry (I'm talking a big ferry!) so people take cars, trucks, etc to the Sunshine Coast.The reason for our visit was to see my friend Kathi, and her husband Bob.
Those of you on my Facebook would know by now that I met Kathi when i was 13. She was bike riding (pushbike) around Tasmania, and it was raining, she sat beside a friend of my dads on a plane.....and, anyway we remained pen pals for years and never lost contact.
20 years ago (when I was 24 she came to Perth and I met her husband, Bob, then 12 years ago I visited her and Bob in Gibsons. This trip, she got to meet Mick and Jack. It was so beautiful. As we pulled in on the ferry I could see her at the front with her camera! She started waving, I started waving, and then the tears came. It was so overwhelming. A friendship that has so far spanned 32 years, and a half a world away from each other, and the minute we hugged, and held each other, it was like we saw each other last week. So, so beautiful and I'm so happy the boys got to meet them too.

It was bittersweet leaving Vancouver. It is such a beautiful city and so many things to see. Mick loved it and it is definitely on our list to do again. We left Vancouver Tuesday morning and flew to Calgary to collect our hire car and rive through the Rockies. Well, Mick and I giggled like school kids, he was nervous as hell about driving on the wrong side of the road and, well, with me as the ever patient co driver we made it out of the airport! Let me just
say at this point, there is nothing, nothing wrong with eating Tim Hortons donuts for breakfast! :)

Well, almost as soon as we left Calgary we saw them. The most majestic snow tipped mountains you could ever see. If I died here, I'd die a happy girl. If someone asked me where the most beautiful place on earth was, I'd guess its here! We drove to Banff and arrived here yesterday, and leave tomorrow to head to Jasper.
We are staying at the Fairmont Banff, a castle of a place! Last night I wandered around and took many pics inside- so much history, and so much beauty, clearly on display. Even the chairs are amazingly beautiful. Jack was most impressed that we were staying in a castle!
My camera has almost caught fire I've shot so many photos, every twist and turn of the road uncovers another picture perfect postcard moment. I've almost permanently had tears in my eyes as we drive along, as I photograph scenery.
Today we explored (after I left the boys in bed and went to shoot Minnewanka Lake at sunrise) the area, drove around, and I'm happy to report, we haven't crashed at all!
We did the Banff Gondola that goes so far up a freakin mountain that I almost started freaking out....at one point thinking I'd prefer to walk back down rather than get in the sky high gondola! BUT the views were incredible, and totally worth it. There were patches of snow on the ground- but Jack wants to see real snow!!
So without further ado, here are some of my totally unedited pictures (clearly not the best, but you get the idea!)
off to bed now, so I can be out by 6.15am to do sunrise!
Good night, from paradise.

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