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Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and angels....

Bucket List ticked but want to see it in winter.....

overcast 4 °C
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Well, Sunday (today its Tuesday) we got up super early (5am) drove from Lake Louise to Calgary, dropped off the hire car- goodbye Jeep! and flew to Edmonton, then Yellowknife. We then jumped onboard a float plane and took off to a spot in the middle of nowhere, Blachford Lodge. So we are up in the North West Territories of Canada, far north, in very flat country. We are a mere 200kms from the treeline (the line across the land where the trees stop growing - i.e. the Arctic Circle).
Cold? Bloody freezing, but for them its not yet winter.
The first night was cloudy and overcast, and we saw no aurora. To say i was disappointed would be a bit of an under statement. I've only got three nights here to hopefully capture one of natures most amazing experiences, and, well, no one can control the weather. We slept well though as we were all so shattered.
So Blachford Lodge is built on the edge of Blachford Lake, which is approx 100 kms from Yellowknife. The closest lodge, or people, are 75kms away. The land here is relatively flat and arid, but the ground is covered in rock- pink granite, and moss is everywhere. Although it is considered arid land, it is extremely green and lush. Walking through the trails it is soft and spongy underfoot- like a great comfy mattress! haha
We went hiking yesterday morning and Jack had a competition with another guy here, as to who could see the most squirrels during the day! We saw 8!
The Lodge is an eco friendly lodge, solar panels, water pumped direct from the lake, and able to be drunk out of any tap in the place. True wilderness, with the added bonus of wifi!

Yesterday, the clouds were plenty, and at the end of our hike (around 11.45am) we thought it started to rain......until we realised it was snow!! Yes, it is that cold here! So, Amy, the manager got very very excited! It wasn't enough to leave snow on the ground, but was awesome all the same.

Last night, around 6pm the clouds disappeared. Clear skies abounded and to say i was excited would be an under statement. Time took forever, I'd set up the camera, got out the hand warmers (a tip from a professional photographer, to wrap them around your lenses to stop them getting too cold!) and I was primed, as were the other 11 people here! (there are 14 guests here in total and around 12 staff, 10 of whom are volunteers, and 3 of whom are Australian!)....
9.30pm, the skies were getting darker and then BOOM! It starts to look like a light is shining on a cloud, it then gets brighter, and then the sky started dancing. Amazing to see, and it moves quite quickly across the sky, at times fading in and out, at times dancing across the sky like ribbons, always spectacular, and different. Cameras were going crazy, self timers beeped, and I discovered a true loathing for non photographers and their bloody torches! I'd be half way through a long exposure and someone would turn on a "brighter than the freakin sun" torch and blow my pic. I managed to calm myself as the sky continued to dance. We stayed up until around 12.30pm to watch. I stopped taking pics around 11pm as I really just wanted to watch and marvel like the others.
So this morning I woke up to an amazing sunrise, but clouds........so here is hoping they clear for tonight. But even if they don't, the show we got to see last night has truly made my heart sing, and my eyes cry.
Enjoy.....(again, totally unedited pics at this point)

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