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Brooklyn Bridge.....

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Thought I would add a few of these from the night walking tour across Brooklyn Bridge!

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New York! NewYork!

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New York! New York!!

The city that makes you buzz, even if you fight it, it takes a hold of you and hurls you down a fast lane! If that doesn’t happen, try walking down the street slowly. The walking traffic will just drag you along at the same pace as everyone else.
We arrived, and had pretty good views flying in to La Guardia airport. Mick started to grin, rather widely and by the time we had arrived at our hotel, W Times Square (smack bang in the middle of the bright place!)

We sat down for 5 minute and then started getting ready for the concert of a lifetime, Billy Joel and Madison Square Garden! How excited were we, Jacks first ever concert (poor kid! :)) Mick and I hadn’t been to MSG before, (Mick hasn’t been to NY before!) We met up with some friends from Perth and headed for a drink before it started! YAY! The minute we saw the MSG the excitement started and we couldn’t wait! We went in, took our seats and then not long after he started. There was no support band- just Billy for over 2 hours! It was well worth it and Jack last it out (we had been up early to fly from QC to Montreal, then to New York so we were all a bit tired!)

We walked the 7 blocks or so back to the hotel and decided to just sit at Times Square for a bit, take in all the neon, shops, people. This place is so busy, and it was nearly midnight (late for us, although we are making a habit of late nights!)

Sunday in New York
- a bright new day and the day we decided to just explore and take it easy. We were all shattered as my travel itinerary didn’t leave much spare time! (soak it up I say!) We had lunch at this great burger place where they had the best shakes, M and M world (holy crap!) and cruised the streets, like tourists! Saw Carlos Bakery (show from Foxtel -Cake Boss), broadway theatres and a shitload of neon signs!

All was happy in Jacks world- theres a Subway (food) close by!

We decided to start the hop on hop off bus tours. These are long days as the traffic is so bad that the cool short route takes hours! We couldn’t go past the United Nations area as all the UN diplomats were present, including Julie Bishop and Barack Obama. There were blackened SUV;s with national flags and secret service exports all through town, it was quite funny as they try to be discreet but have flashing blue lights inside them, black windows, secret service escorts, who have wires in their ears, and they still try to look inconspicuous! hehe

So the usual suspects for tourist attractions. We decided to stop at the 9/11 Memorial and the Museum. Well, that was around 2 hours of tears, many, many people quietly sniffling as they walked around. It would take a hard hearted person to do this and not cry. The museum is very well done. Tasteful and respectful. It show a lot of items that were found from people who died, items that floated down from the four hijacked planes, audio of actual calls to family, air hostesses to ground staff telling of the hijacking of their flight, the audio of all the names of all the people that died as a result of the terrorist attacks. Truly moving and a must see when you head to NY.

After that, we felt like just going back to the hotel. We completed the tour and headed back to do a trip to Toys R Us for Master 9 and we needed to get ready for dinner at Eleven Madison Park, the fifth best restaurant in the world and we were going! Super exciting and yummy. And whats more, i had bought a new dress, Mick had bought new jeans and we could breathe! I know, we could eat and breathe all at the same time without fear! Oh the freedom!!

Dinner did not disappoint, and we were glad for small mercies (yes, the larger clothes) We got a pic of each course, then we given a goodie bag and menu to take home. Granola in a gorgeous jar and the menu with matching wines (yes, I see another framing job coming up!) Ahhh, bliss. We ate sunflowers and the duck, oh gee, the duck was amazing!!! I love that we love great food. We of course waddled out as best we could!

Times Square again for the night for a before bed experience. This place does not sleep. seriously! Midnight and it is pumping, full of people, some great, some not so great!

Tuesday saw us do the Uptown Loop, as I was determined to do Harlem this time. I must say, I think Harlem on a Sunday to hear the gospel music would be awesome, but on a Tuesday, it didn’t really offer anything. We saw the Apollo Theatre, but didn’t get off! We did see some amazing sights, and some amazing buildings though. Central Park is just so freakin big- hard to imagine how big it actually is. We enjoyed the more relaxed feel. Back at the hotel and it was time to get ready for our Broadway show- The Lion King. Oh, words won’t do it justice at all. The opening scene, so much action amazing costumes, awesome singing, oh the list goes on. I was welling up again (clearly I’m turning into sook!) and off it went. Jack loved it. Mick loved it. I loved it. Im so glad I plan these things before we came as we have experienced some truly spectacular things. I so loved this show, I’d be happy to see it every day as I’m sure you’d see things that you dint see the day before. Times Square for the atmosphere again before bed! Loving life!

Wednesday, our last full day in New York. Well, our first stop of the day was a gentle walk up 5th Avenue to Tiffany & Co. Id already done the online glancing and knew what i wanted. (As usual). Diamond hoop earrings safely in my ears, and we sparkled and dazzled our way out of the store and headed to the hotel via lunch and Toys R Us. We were all shattered and needed to do some last minute shopping and packing. This is now taking time and it is also time to buy a 4th suitcase. :/

I had a nap for an hour and then headed to a NewYork Photography tour. These tours are free, see www.freewalkingtours.com and check them out. Theres plenty of different tours, and you pay them what you think it was worth. I loved it. We started at Pier 11, and i caught the Subway there (a first for me) and caught the ferry across to Brooklyn. I was amazed at all the Orthodox Jews. Their outfits, the little girls with huge bows in their hair, the mens top hats and their curls of hair. I really was mesmerized and wanted to take pics, but it didn’t seem right. We walked all around Brooklyn, and the boardwalk. Jut before sunset we started walking over the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. Wow! the city lights were beautiful. On the subway again (thankfully people are quite helpful!) and headed back to the boys. We headed out for a late dinner and again, the last experience in Time Square. Goodnight New York, we will hopefully be seeing you again in the not too distant future.

Washington DC awaits.

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Romance and Quebec City

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Well, Quebec City definitely hasn’t lost its appeal. We arrived, and much to Jacks delight, we again checked in to a castle, Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. This time, we had a family sized room, with a couch! Mick loved this place! we set up our coffee station, complete with our black plastic spoon we have used since LA (they don’t have plastic spoons in most places, they use swizzle sticks!) and set off to get milk!

Jack of course, would like to eat room service every day- I’m sure he will try that when we get home! We set out to explore, and for me, I wanted to remember the last time I was here too!

Mick said it must be a really romantic place……as I grabbed his hand to hold on to! And it is. French music, accents, that beautiful lull of their language….I love it so much. I may be biased, but to me the language is so beautiful- Mick and I even talked about taking classes when we get home. (I may have also suggested we just move here for a year!)

Dinner was great- a beautiful little restaurant just over the little park from the hotel. This place, with cobbled streets and lanes, street buskers who are actually really good, and command a huge crowd, the food and how polite everyone is (except the taxi drivers- they are crazy fast, impatient and gruff!), really evokes emotion. I have had quite a few tears so far this trip, many ‘pinch yourself’ moments, many moments of pure bliss, pleasure and amazement at just how beautiful this part of the world is. I could see myself living in Canada, and loving it- I would love to see winter here!

So, Mick and I wandered the boardwalk outside the hotel, staring at the wonders of the old town below us, and excited for what the next day was to bring.

We set off (of course after I had been up at 5,30am for the obligatory sunrise photographs) and got our hop on hop off tickets. Jack, is at the stage where he hates these bus trips, but surprisingly listens intently once we get on! From the old town, the Fort, the Plains of Abraham, the lower town, the markets and the history. There is nothing not to love here.

We did lunch in the old town down below and headed to the markets. The fresh fruit and vegetables (saw brussel sprouts being sold still on the stem- amazing!), the bread, the cheese and ice wine everywhere. I often think of the luggage I’ll be dragging back and decide not to purchase various things. (Believe me, I’ve still purchased plenty and my waist is living proof!) Did I tell you how much I love their cheese?

I was very happy to see a Harpist, who Judy and I had seen on our last visit. Still playing with such love and emotion.A beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound- I bought one of his CD’s so I can lay down and dream of Quebec City when I get home.

Thursday night we went to a great restaurant as recommended by friends in Montreal. Le Saint Amour. Not cheap, very, very nice, but somewhat scary as the waist on my dress (my one and only dressy dress I wore to the wedding) is all beaded, and I was in real fear of breathing out too much and starting an avalanche of beads flying everywhere, all over the parquetry floor……..you will be pleased to know it didn’t break…..but alas, I have now posted it back home for thinner days!

The food was divine, as usual. The matching wines were perfect and the service was impeccable. We like hearing the French and the English- and a lot of time they’d come up and start speaking French- it just have been our WTF faces that made them revert to English! One waiter, turned out to be from Melbourne! He married a girl from QC and had become fluent within 4 year- theres hope for me yet!!!

Next day, we explored some more and then Jack had seen a brochure for a scary night walking tour! we got tickets and went off for dinner. We started the tour by the lady (who was dressed as a dead lady) asking us where we were from, and our names. (Take note Miss Hearty!) when Michael said his name, she responded with “Marco, welcome to the tour!) This is a joke a friend tells us of when she met her husband, and I couldn’t even look at Mick for fear of laughing too much! I did however call him Marco for the night!

I was very sad to be leaving QC, and sad to be leaving Canada. It has been an amazing 3 and a half weeks, and to be honest, I can’t wait to come back! We ventured to the boardwalk, one last time, to see the old town below us, the lights of the hotel, and the beautiful sound of music that emanated through the chilly air.

We started the arduous task of packing our cases….this i getting harder by the day, and off to sleep.

I got up and decided I needed to go sit downstairs at the boardwalk for 10 minutes to say my private goodbyes to QC. It sounds ridiculous, but this place was so magical the first time with Judy, and more magical with my husband and son. There is nothing I dislike about this place.

And just like that, we flew away, to a far away city……called New York!


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Montreal and all things French!!!

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To say I woke up this morning after the wedding with a hangover, would be correct. I woke up in exactly the same position in bed, that I had climbed in. Even had a full face of make up and false lashes. I have to say, I thought I looked hot.....except underneath that make up were eyes, that Mick said, were 'bleeding!". We headed down for breakfast, once the waiter looked at me, he came out (without us requesting it) with two large glasses of iced water. He knew. He knew I was crying inside my head!! Breakfast, berocca and a good dose of "harden the hell up" assisted, as did seeing one of the other guests (Bianca, who will remain nameless) who looked even worse that I did. Apparently she felt worse too, as she wasn't even game to go near food for fear of having to see it twice!!! :) Yes, it was a great wedding!!! haha!

So bags packed again (ok, this is the most terrible part of traveling as we seem to completely un bag our stuff at each stop) and off to the station for our train to Montreal. Mick remarked on how nice the scenery was, I watched also for about the first 15 minutes until my eyelids chose to cover my eyes, to stop other people staring at me! I awoke, fresh as a half dead daisy, and we cruised into Montreal!

I so love this city, I just love, love, love the French influence and the fact that I get to practice my terrible French!!! It's even better when they understand. It is also paying off sending Jack to a school that teaches French. After two years of it, his favourite (and some might say, only, French word) is en colere - meaning he is mad and angry. Figures!!!

Mick is just terrified and can't understand why everyone can't just speak English!

So, we arrived and checked into our hotel, Hotel Nelligan. It is in the Old Port area and is just divine. Did I say French? oh, the buildings, and history, and crepes, and all things French is just, so romantic, as is sleeping in a room with a 9 year old! :/

I have a friend who lives here, Craig, who used to work with my dad years ago and met and married a lovely lady from here, Dianne, and her two daughters JosyAnn and Marilyn. I was excited to see them, and we were collected by Craig to head to their house for supper. Dianne is an amazing cook and she didn't disappoint! JosyAnn helped too and what ensued was an amazing supper, cheese and baguette to start, salmon tartare and fried goats cheese for entree, salmon and mashed potato with caramelised onion with veggies for main, then a flourless chocolate almond torte with pear and cream for dessert. It all went a bit pear shaped for Mick as he thought the cheese was the entree, the tartare and cheese as main- needless to say he really had to push through the rest of the meal! hehe!
It was also lovely to meet JosyAnn's boyfriend Julien and Marilyns new baby, Lilliane. I hadn't seen them since 2009 when Judy and I stayed with them so it was wonderful to share a home cooked meal and a fair few laughs! It is always funny speaking in broken english and french to the amusement of all!

A late night ensued, and we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow.

(If Mick falls asleep before Jack and I, Jack has taken to call him Dad Vader (his snoring sound!!) Dad Vader was definitely in the building!!!

I of course was up at dawn for sunrise shots, and out I ventured. I am getting to love these mornings as I get to see the world just waking up, minimal cars and people, and the morning lights. A few crazy joggers, but generally I'm rather alone. I love it. It is peaceful and I can totally soak up my surroundings. Sometimes I find a chair, and just sit, and make myself have a 'pinch myself' moment, live the moment and appreciate where I am at that particular moment in time. We are so fortunate to be living this dream, and of course making lifelong memories together. Jack too soak it up and strangely seems to love the history and stories that come out on the hop on hop off buses. He of course has discovered that Subway is indeed an universal franchise, and is as happy as a pig in shit! The coffee though, is still average at best!

We are just near the Notre Dame Basilica, which is totally beautiful at sunrise. It is a great time to see it too as during the day the place is packed! We might even go inside today. My guess is that it has been standing for so long, it may withstand me visiting without lightning hitting it!

The boys were tired so I headed out to get our bus tickets for tomorrow and to go to Fromagerie Hamel- a cheese shop I had researched before we even left on our trip (it was important to know exactly where to go!) and off I went. Well, it didn't disappoint- and of course, I got soon excited I bought enough for about 15 cheese platters......to be eaten in 2 days! Some really aged, really pungent goats cheese was my favourite, and Mick's least favourite!!! I left there and out behind it were markets. The markets here are so perfect, all the fruit and vegetables are lined up in rows, sitting there perfectly. They all look so good and it is hard to resist! Then I saw wine.....ah hello! happy Jo!!! Then there was an oyster bar....so I did what any self respecting person would do, I ordered some and sat up to the bar! They were icy cold and delicious!

I headed back to the hotel to drop my cheese and baguette, and wine, and ice wine, and maple cider, and maple port (ok i got a bit carried away!) and the boys and I headed to Schwartz's Hebrew Deli- a famous place here!

We were told by Zoe's dad (Gordon Bourgard) at the wedding to go to Schwartz's Deli for a medium meat, half or full sour pickle and cherry cola. He said we HAD to go try it, and with the cherry cola as it completed the meal. He also told us to go to Le Pied de Cochon (The Pigs Foot) Restaurant. Well, bad news was that they are closed Monday and Tuesdays so we can't go!

Well Schwartz's didn't disappoint. We could have ordered another one- but that would be silly- besides, we haven't bought new jeans yet! I am definitely keen to go back- it was amazing. So much so, that there is a permanent line out the front waiting to get in!

So, a quiet night in was the order of the day and Mick and I laid down (there aren't many chairs in hotel rooms!) to a plate of cheese and baguette for dinner, with Raspberry Cider !!! It was quite funny as I had asked the restaurant downstairs if I could have a knife and plate for some cheese. She gave me a tiny side plate, more the size of a saucer and asked if that was ok. Clearly they eat small delicate wedges of cheese, not great mounds of it like me! It was sublime. I bought two cheeses that Judy and I fell in love with in 2009, and it was nice to be able to actually ask for at least two cheeses by name! The Victor and Berthold and Buage de Bourgogne (a semi hard cheese with a line of ash through it). Yes, it was simply divine, and there will be more purchased before we head to New York for sure!

Today we did the hop on hop off bus tour- so much history...talking about buildings built in the 1600's, seems so strange when our oldest in Australia is a mere 200 years old!!! some beautiful buildings- so much beauty and their architecture is astounding. One thing I loved was the art installation of '21 swings' that when you sit and swing on them (there are 21 of them) they make classical music- so gorgeous!
i made a trip to Fairmount Bagels- famous bagel store that does not shut- its open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!
Then we went to meet Craig and Dianne for dinner at Botegga- an Italian restaurant! yummy food and very very authentic - nothing like our Italian restaurants!
We left there and they took us up the Mount to see the raccoons! Judy and I did this last time but then there were two- tonight there were about 20 of them! Cute little things but not tame so no patting!!

Ok, I've updated the blog so now I can sleep and pack tomorrow for Quebec City!!! Bonsai!!


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Ottawa and Mr and Mrs Ryan and Zoe Withington

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So, the hotel is right in the middle of the old part of town- and a lot of history. We were beside the river, with 8 locks to go through- and were lucky enough to see a boat head through. Amazing how quick the next lock floods to allow the boat to go through.
We did the hop on hop off bus and again these are highly recommended to show you the main sites and to hear some of the history of the town. Id photographed the Parliament building and various others at sunrise, and got some lovely pics. After the hop on hop off, the boys rested whilst I lugged our washing to a laundromat. This is the unwritten about part of travel. It is a necessity, but not the most enjoyable one!

Clean undies loaded and off I went to get......cheese. Yes, most of the cheeses here are non pasteurised and non homogenised, which translates into the best cheese in the world. Last time Judy and I were in Canada, we ingested our fair share to keep the economy running for a year or two. I couldn't let her down- so i bought whole chunks of amazing cheese and headed back to the room armed with my haul! The worst thing about me buying cheese is that I get so excited I generally buy too much....and have to eat it, which is not assisting my growing girth!!!

Saturday was the wedding and Jack had packed his jacket (he calls it his tuxedo) and his good shirt! He looked angelic and very smart! Mick and I were just impressed that our outfits still fitted us! (It was touch and go and breathing was not a viable option for most of the evening!) The wedding itself was held in the yard of Zoe's grandparents, a huge yard, and a few of us Aussies decided when we visit, we could pitch around 20 tents in their backyard! It was beautiful- aside from Ryan saying "With this wing, I thee wed" it all went off without a hitch, and of course, the bride was radiant.

The wedding reception was at the Laurier and didn't disappoint- there was so much food, not that we needed any, but to be polite we ate it. Now, after an hour of hors deuves and then a five course meal we didn't need anymore food. So imagine how pleased I was that at 11pm they started the Poutine var....yayyyyyy! I love this stuff! For those of you not in the know, Poutine is pretty much the national food apart from maple syrup, and is chips, cheese curds and gravy. It is freaking awesome. Mick hasn't tried any yet as he isn't sure about the curds part! Yumm!
so dancing and partying until 1am and we bailed.......we were exhausted, and a little tipsy.

The Withington-Bourgard wedding was beautiful, and a tribute to both Australia and Canada- we were so happy to have been invited to share their special day, and super impressed with the whole day. Met some truly lovely people and can't wait to come back!

Up early to head to Montreal!!


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