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New York! NewYork!

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New York! New York!!

The city that makes you buzz, even if you fight it, it takes a hold of you and hurls you down a fast lane! If that doesn’t happen, try walking down the street slowly. The walking traffic will just drag you along at the same pace as everyone else.
We arrived, and had pretty good views flying in to La Guardia airport. Mick started to grin, rather widely and by the time we had arrived at our hotel, W Times Square (smack bang in the middle of the bright place!)

We sat down for 5 minute and then started getting ready for the concert of a lifetime, Billy Joel and Madison Square Garden! How excited were we, Jacks first ever concert (poor kid! :)) Mick and I hadn’t been to MSG before, (Mick hasn’t been to NY before!) We met up with some friends from Perth and headed for a drink before it started! YAY! The minute we saw the MSG the excitement started and we couldn’t wait! We went in, took our seats and then not long after he started. There was no support band- just Billy for over 2 hours! It was well worth it and Jack last it out (we had been up early to fly from QC to Montreal, then to New York so we were all a bit tired!)

We walked the 7 blocks or so back to the hotel and decided to just sit at Times Square for a bit, take in all the neon, shops, people. This place is so busy, and it was nearly midnight (late for us, although we are making a habit of late nights!)

Sunday in New York
- a bright new day and the day we decided to just explore and take it easy. We were all shattered as my travel itinerary didn’t leave much spare time! (soak it up I say!) We had lunch at this great burger place where they had the best shakes, M and M world (holy crap!) and cruised the streets, like tourists! Saw Carlos Bakery (show from Foxtel -Cake Boss), broadway theatres and a shitload of neon signs!

All was happy in Jacks world- theres a Subway (food) close by!

We decided to start the hop on hop off bus tours. These are long days as the traffic is so bad that the cool short route takes hours! We couldn’t go past the United Nations area as all the UN diplomats were present, including Julie Bishop and Barack Obama. There were blackened SUV;s with national flags and secret service exports all through town, it was quite funny as they try to be discreet but have flashing blue lights inside them, black windows, secret service escorts, who have wires in their ears, and they still try to look inconspicuous! hehe

So the usual suspects for tourist attractions. We decided to stop at the 9/11 Memorial and the Museum. Well, that was around 2 hours of tears, many, many people quietly sniffling as they walked around. It would take a hard hearted person to do this and not cry. The museum is very well done. Tasteful and respectful. It show a lot of items that were found from people who died, items that floated down from the four hijacked planes, audio of actual calls to family, air hostesses to ground staff telling of the hijacking of their flight, the audio of all the names of all the people that died as a result of the terrorist attacks. Truly moving and a must see when you head to NY.

After that, we felt like just going back to the hotel. We completed the tour and headed back to do a trip to Toys R Us for Master 9 and we needed to get ready for dinner at Eleven Madison Park, the fifth best restaurant in the world and we were going! Super exciting and yummy. And whats more, i had bought a new dress, Mick had bought new jeans and we could breathe! I know, we could eat and breathe all at the same time without fear! Oh the freedom!!

Dinner did not disappoint, and we were glad for small mercies (yes, the larger clothes) We got a pic of each course, then we given a goodie bag and menu to take home. Granola in a gorgeous jar and the menu with matching wines (yes, I see another framing job coming up!) Ahhh, bliss. We ate sunflowers and the duck, oh gee, the duck was amazing!!! I love that we love great food. We of course waddled out as best we could!

Times Square again for the night for a before bed experience. This place does not sleep. seriously! Midnight and it is pumping, full of people, some great, some not so great!

Tuesday saw us do the Uptown Loop, as I was determined to do Harlem this time. I must say, I think Harlem on a Sunday to hear the gospel music would be awesome, but on a Tuesday, it didn’t really offer anything. We saw the Apollo Theatre, but didn’t get off! We did see some amazing sights, and some amazing buildings though. Central Park is just so freakin big- hard to imagine how big it actually is. We enjoyed the more relaxed feel. Back at the hotel and it was time to get ready for our Broadway show- The Lion King. Oh, words won’t do it justice at all. The opening scene, so much action amazing costumes, awesome singing, oh the list goes on. I was welling up again (clearly I’m turning into sook!) and off it went. Jack loved it. Mick loved it. I loved it. Im so glad I plan these things before we came as we have experienced some truly spectacular things. I so loved this show, I’d be happy to see it every day as I’m sure you’d see things that you dint see the day before. Times Square for the atmosphere again before bed! Loving life!

Wednesday, our last full day in New York. Well, our first stop of the day was a gentle walk up 5th Avenue to Tiffany & Co. Id already done the online glancing and knew what i wanted. (As usual). Diamond hoop earrings safely in my ears, and we sparkled and dazzled our way out of the store and headed to the hotel via lunch and Toys R Us. We were all shattered and needed to do some last minute shopping and packing. This is now taking time and it is also time to buy a 4th suitcase. :/

I had a nap for an hour and then headed to a NewYork Photography tour. These tours are free, see www.freewalkingtours.com and check them out. Theres plenty of different tours, and you pay them what you think it was worth. I loved it. We started at Pier 11, and i caught the Subway there (a first for me) and caught the ferry across to Brooklyn. I was amazed at all the Orthodox Jews. Their outfits, the little girls with huge bows in their hair, the mens top hats and their curls of hair. I really was mesmerized and wanted to take pics, but it didn’t seem right. We walked all around Brooklyn, and the boardwalk. Jut before sunset we started walking over the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. Wow! the city lights were beautiful. On the subway again (thankfully people are quite helpful!) and headed back to the boys. We headed out for a late dinner and again, the last experience in Time Square. Goodnight New York, we will hopefully be seeing you again in the not too distant future.

Washington DC awaits.

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wow you guys are having an amazing time. New York doesn't ever stop. And I agree. if you don't shed a tear at the 9/11 memorial you would have to check if you still had a pulse. very moving tribute and reminds you what a terrible day that must have been.

looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics for your last weeks of your trip. xx

by Michelle Hearty

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